(2018 Summer, Term A) HI 320-7: Healthcare Data


Review the Data Quality Management Model located at http://bok.ahima.org/doc?oid=107773#.V36ROZjfMy8

As a health information management professional, why is it important to know and understand the eight key principles of information governance?

Review, the data quality model. Which characteristic of data quality did you feel is most important? Why?

The DB (Discussion Board) is worth 20 points.  Answer the question by researching and documenting your thoughts and opinions. Be sure that your references are in APA 6 format. The initial post is due on Wednesday of each week. Two responses to two different students are due by SATURDAY at 11:59:59 pm. Be sure and post early to give others a chance to respond to your posts and responses. Your posts, for full credit should be spaced throughout the week : To earn maximum discussion points, you need to make posts on 3+ days.

Spelling, grammar and sentence structure count for points in terms of the quality of the posts.  Inflammatory, rude or posts that attack another learner will be removed by the instructor.  Try to avoid giving brief responses such as “good job” or “I agree”.  Ask questions about the topics discussed, question other students on the content of their posts.  Provide examples of experiences you have had with the topic under discussion.

Participation points are earned based on the criteria in the Standardized Discussion Rubric in your syllabus and attached in the Discussion Board each week.

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