2 Page Assignment needed ASAP


Paper #1
  Based on your reading of Sophocles play 
Oedipus the King
, what does this tragedy tell us about the human condition? In what specific ways does this ancient Greek drama still have relevance for us today? (For example, the concept of fate vs. freewill, the problem of self-knowledge, appearance vs. reality, etc) 
Be sure you use specific examples from the play to answer this question
Make sure your paper has no grammatical errors or any misspelled words. Papers that contain either of these will be marked down. It is very important to
your paper before you turn it in.
[2] Make sure your paper has a
clear thesis
in the first paragraph. Clarity is one of the most important features of any paper. Be sure you answer the specific question that is given.
[3] Be
in your answers. Avoid abstract statements or generalizations. Support your thoughts with specific examples.
[4] The presentation of your paper should be neat and organized. Appearances do matter, as well as content. Messy and disorganized papers will be marked off.
[5] Make sure that the words you use are your own. This is a response paper, NOT a research paper. Do NOT use the internet for this paper! (Plagiarism will result in an automatic zero!)

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