2 Page Argumentative Essay


2 Page Argumentative Essay.

Choose your own topic!!!

Info and reminders to help with the argumentative essay


 Length of the paper – 2 to 4 pages

Number of sources – minimum of 3, maximum of 5  At least one source must come from GALILEO.

Works cited page

2009 MLA Style must be used for the paper – throughout, including the works cited page.

A grade no higher than a D will be given any paper that doesn’t use 2009 MLA Style.

Give the essay a title. 

Avoid the pronoun “I” and “you” in the paper.  Write in 3rd person unless you’re giving a personal example.

Any information that you get from an outside source must be documented and the work must be on the works cited page, regardless of how the info is presented:  direct quote, paraphrase, or summary.

Only common knowledge info does not have to be documented:  historical dates, etc.

Direct quotes

Only 1/3 of your paper should be direct quotes.  The other outside info should be paraphrased or summarized (but must be documented).

 The intro should include background info about the topic.  

 The thesis statement should include your opinion and the reasons you feel the way you do about the topic.  Note:  You don’t need to say “I think” or “I believe” anywhere in the paper.  Just state your opinion. For an argument of action, the thesis statement should state what  you’re advocating.

 The body of the essay should revolve around each reason with examples, statistics, quotes from authorities, etc. to support each reason.


 The conclusion should summarize.

 Remember to concede to the other side somewhere in the paper (note:  you don’t need to spend a lot of time doing this).

 The works cited page should be a separate page and should be formatted according to the examples I have given you.

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