2 discuss for 3 different reading (300 words each, 600 words totol) – myassignmentgeek.net


2 discuss for 3 different reading (300 words each, 600 words totol) – myassignmentgeek.net

need 2 discussion! Each post is a minimum of 300 words, so each post should spend approximately 100 words on one reading, and then 100 words on the next, and then 100 words on the last. For example: Reading #4

In Chapter Five “Idiot Nation”, Michael Moore demonstrates his concerns over the education in the United States. The audience of this essay is the politicians and officials who are responsible for education for children in the United States as Moore blames them a lot for their irresponsibility in the essay. For example, he writes that George W. Bush goes to Yale and says to the students there that “And to the C Students, I say you, too, can be President of the United States!” (2). Moore blames Bush in misleading the Yale students by ignoring his strong background of an ex-president father and political background. In addition, he also expresses his dissatisfaction towards the education in the United States by offering evidence of the overflow in the public schools. It is stated that “almost 10 percent of U.S. public schools have enrollments that are more than 25 percent greater than the capacity of their permanent buildings” (8). As such, students have to learn in the hallways and other non-classroom places. However, the budget for education is still being cut down. This strong evidence supports his argument and blame on politicians and other officials whose attitude towards education is irresponsible.

Reading #5

In the essay “In the Basement of the Ivory Tower”, the author argues that not everyone is suitable or qualified for university education using his own teaching experience in entry-level English writing to some college students. The author gives a detailed description of one of his students, Ms. L. to support his argument. Despite her hard working in learning computer skills and writing, Ms. L. still receives an F for her essay because she just could not reach the course standards (7). This example is a strong evidence showing that many college students who receive “adult education, nontraditional education, education for returning students” are disqualified even for the most fundamental skills of writing (9), supporting the author’s opinion that not everyone is qualified for college education.

Reading #6

In the essay “The Achievement of Desire”, Richard Rodriguez states that the changes education brings to him is the reason for his success. He uses his own personal experience from primary school to university to demonstrate how desperate and eager he is in receiving education in order to help him get rid of his working-class family. His own personal experience serves as a strong evidence, both emotional and logical, to support his point that the desire to change brings to his final success. In addition, he also uses the example of the book The Use of Literacy by Richard Hoggart as an extra support since Hoggart also has similar experience (599). Together, the personal experience and the literal example strengthen his argument. need 2 discuss like this. From


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