2-3 pages hcom essay about a movie


2-3 pages hcom essay about a movie.

2 to 3 pages essay about the following questions:

the main objectives of these assignments are the reflection and the understanding of communication constructs.

Growing communication competency

The reaction paper is your opportunity to: (1) analyze what you have learned from “theory” (2) against concepts/ideas that you intuit and implement in your daily interactions. Make certain to (3) illustrate your growing communication competency through analysis.


Make certain to “allow all content” on the page to access the video.

Please view the video below (Film: Mississipi Masala).

Base your assignment on the area of Relational Development, Conflict, and Culture.

Address the following:


Which societal forces drive our relationships, cultural boundaries, and conflict management? Explain.


How does cultural identity influence relational stability/harmony and conflict management? Explain.


How can people with distinct expectations effectively sustain a romantic relationship? Explain.

>movie link

Movie link:


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