1500-2000 Words Paper


Worldview Paper

Purpose: To relate the discoveries of science, your particular major, and the Christian ethic in a logical, coherent manner.

Rubric: You will write a double-spaced 1500-2000 word paper highlighting how your field (being a football coach can be viewed through a Christian worldview. In order to establish that a Christian worldview is worth having in this day and age, you will pick four examples from science that you have learned this semester that point to a Creator and how they defy a materialistic worldview. You will describe how one with a materialistic worldview, if being logically consistent, could behave in your field of interest and compare it with how a Christian should behave in your field of interest. You will also give two examples of how seeing your field through a Christian lens not only glorifies God, but benefits the world in which we live. You should have at least 5 scholarly references (you can use Scripture as one of them, but not more than that) and must follow APA-compliant formatting, including title and reference pages.

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