​Writing Assignment 1: Storytelling 700-1000 words – myassignmentgeek.net


​Writing Assignment 1: Storytelling 700-1000 words – myassignmentgeek.net

Writing Assignment 1: Storytelling

Typed Rough Draft due: Monday, February 6

Final Draft Due: Wednesday, February 15

For this writing assignment, you are telling a great story! Think about one of the most interesting or compelling stories you have ever experienced, seen, heard, or imagined. This story can be shocking, sad, funny, dramatic, or scary. This may be a true story, or you may invent one. Once you have thought of a story you would like to tell, type it as a short play in either monologue or dialogue format. For examples of monologues and dialogues, look back at the scripts we have read. There are also samples in eCampus. Keep the following guidelines in mind!

The final draft must be typed, single-spaced, in Times New Roman 12 point font. Include a header with your name, class, professor name, and date. The finished text must be at least 500 words. (See eCampus for samples.)

Give the character(s) a name, which should appear in bold in all capital letters before each of their lines (only once is necessary for a monologue). Any stage directions should be in italics and parentheses.

If you write a monologue, it should be a story for one person to tell in the first person. If you write a scene, it should be for 2 to 4 characters at most.

The story should take place in one scene. Characters may talk about events in the past or future, but the scene itself should take place at one place and time like the one-acts we have read.

When you write the story, give as much detail as possible. Be specific! No matter how long it is, the story should have a clear beginning, middle, and end.

Since this is a story rather than an essay, the language may be less formal. However, you should edit your work to be sure your story is clear!

DO NOT use the internet or any other sources for this assignment. The story should come entirely from your imagination or experience.

For samples of Writing Assignment 1, visit the Homework and Resources Folder in eCampus. Keep in mind that late assignments will lose one point per day. If you have any questions, let me know!


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